And while we are at it (it=me flooding my own blog), some advertising won t hurt. That is a friend, Skymind, and he can play music that will blow your mind off. But he is a lazy ass and won t set up his page and put on some audio on for the rest of us that cannot be in Italy. And talking to him, brings me back so so many memories of those months living in Via Bramante, Milan and walking up the street to Deposit Bulk, this huge factory space, and the one place in Milan that is the opposite of commercial, on the fringe of anarchy as in space and crowd, and just listen to some of the most unbelievable music ever.....great nights there and great people. Mi manca tutto un tanto..

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Ανώνυμος είπε...

Hi guys I'm Skymind lol. Thanks a lot to Trol for adding my photo and her comments, I really love that girl, she's so kind. Btw here is a link to a remix I made, the original song is Pink - Get the party Started.
Enjoy :)

trol είπε...

hei, look, it s great remix - New Yorkish even...but I want the original stuff...soooo: http://www.fdmgroup.net/gruppo/introperlive-skymind.mp3
short but yay the party starts, good luck with the gig man