la ballade of lady & bird



Lady? Yes Bird? It's cold I know Bird... I cannot see a thing It's all in your mind I'm worried No one will come to see us Maybe they come but we just don't see them. What do you see? I see what's outside And what exactly is outside? It's grown-ups Well maybe if we scream they can hear us Yeah, maybe we should try to scream Ok, Bird Heeeelp, Heeeelp Can you hear us now ? Hello ! Help ! Hello it's me Hey Can you see Can you see me I'm here Nana come and take us Hello Are you there Hello I don't think they can hear us I can hear you lady Do you want to come with me lady Will you be nice to me Bird You're always be nice to me because you're my friend I try but sometimes I make mistakes Nana says we all make mistakes Maybe we should scream more Yes, Bird let's scream more Help ! Help us ! Come on ! Help We're lost I don't think they cannot see us Nobody likes us But they all seem so big Maybe we should just jump What if we fall from the bridge and then nobody can catch us I don't know let's just see what happens Okay Come with me Shall we do it together Yeah

1 2 3....Aaaaaaah

it's all in your mind
it's all in your mind
it's all in your mind

update: it's not all in your mind after all

i learned from ggl
still learning

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fantasma είπε...

pou ta vriskeis..

Y. K. είπε...

what exactly is outside?
grown ups.

πειραζει που δε θελω να ειμαι ποτε ενα απο αυτα;; πειραζει;
αυτα ta grown ups.δε μ αρεσουν. αναδυουν μια ασχημια.

πολυ αγαπημενο τραγουδι. παει πακετο με σιωπες καθε φορα.

trol είπε...


το είχα ακούσει παλαιότερα, μου το ξαναθύμισε ο ggl στην εκπομπή που κάνει στο radiobubble.gr

να στο δώσω ολόκληρο


"I don't think they cannot see us. Nobody likes us"

αυτή είναι η μοίρα των non grown ups


fieryfairy είπε...

οι φώτος σούπερ!;-)

weirdo είπε...

always learning
starting all over again..

Respect 2 UR pics

trol είπε...

fiery thank you!

weirdo thank you!

respect to the kids που βγήκαν να τα σπάσουν

και μην ακούσω κανέναν να αναρωτιέται πως φτάσαμε εδώ

silencio κατα τ άλλα

Μικρός ήρωας είπε...


trol είπε...

thanx μικρή ηρωα

καλό κουράγιο κ δύναμη εύχομαι

Aurangel είπε...

angel kiss

trol είπε...

thanx u aurangel

χαρά στη υπομονή σου που διαβάζεις κιόλας :p

bidibis είπε...

weirdo said "Respect 2 UR pics"

Και να δεις που μπορει να τις ζωγράφισε αυτή κιόλας!

Ανώνυμος είπε...

έτσι μπορεί biribiri, welcome back