sunday | nov 1st | 22.00 - 1.00 @diva radio



4 σχόλια:

VAD είπε...

Καλημέρα,καλο μήνα....

fantasma είπε...

teleio to party!

Locus Publicus είπε...

Happy Halloween my dear, and keep blogging. Expecting upbeat posts, not downers:)

trol είπε...

@ καλό μήνα και σε σένα VAd!!

@ φάντασμααααααααα, our honor to have u on the party

@ locus, hope u also had a great halloween!

me writing downers? nahhhhhhh

:) speaking of which, here is another thing I learned from neuroscience or rather from friend-who-has-studied-that: if you feel down, you can trick/force your mind to a more upbeat mood just by pretending you have it. proven and not the usual behavioral psychology bs. amazing eh?

cheers to upbeat posts