random lists clear my head

Things I must remember:

The Dutch say kusjes=kisses, not kussen=small pillow, so: kusjes kusjes kusjes kusjes kusjes kusjes kusjes ..and damn me I know I will forget it again

I should stick to only beer and wine when out, why the hell did I have to have whiskey last night? Of all drinkable things, why whiskey? Why me?

Love might not be eternal

Monday morning I should go to the electricity company and discontinue my account in the almost-to-be my new apartment

It is possible to find a new apartment that is habitable (no rotten floors, cocroaches, etc)

Do not be scared to be thyself

Someone very, very interesting might be sitting just across the room

Art has healing powers

Ex-boyfriend might not be someone to show off ego to, he might be a next good, very good friend and that 's amazing

People that come across as friends might not be friends

A change of scene is always good

Eating gyros at night makes my stomach sick, and me probably fat

I have to buy a gift for my niece, it was her nameday and I love the kid

I have lived in Thessaloniki for six years, I sometimes think I just made a small stop there before I take off for abroad, but no, 6 yrs is loads of time, I have a right in that city, don t I?

Nice hair makes you look good, or at least, feel good

and so, but so many more things......

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